Financial Analysis

Shift from exhausting excel-based financial analysis to an intelligent and data-driven financial analysis dashboard. Analyze your company's financial well-being with easy-to-use graphics whenever you need and wherever you are.


This is a mandatory report of business’ books which includes taxes that businesses owe to the relevant authorities. After completing the bookkeeping process, we will calculate all your owed taxes, confirm the calculated amount with the relevant department of your firm and finally inform the tax office regarding you declarations.


We will keep track of all your company’s financial aspects in order to save money for your business and avoid any penalties. This service includes creating and updating your financial books after sorting your invoices and preparing financial statements.


All your company's payroll accounting and records reported to SGK and to you elaborately.

Tax Advisory

It is a better practice to decrease the costs of running a business whenever possible. Here at Tubleks, our tax experts will make sure your cash flow stays healthy by consulting your team on taxes.

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