Coronavirus Economic Rocovery Package: Short Time Working Allowance

Short Time Working Allowance under normal conditions: It can be applied in case of decreasing at least 1/3 of the working time in a workplace or stopping the activity for at least four weeks due to economic, sectoral, regional crisis and challenging reasons. Short time working allowance is paid for the non-working periods that provide the necessary conditions for up to 3 months.

Short Time Work Allowance was put into use as announced in the "Economic Stability Shield Package" by our President on 18.03.2020 within the scope of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

So what is this Short Time Work Allowance on the current Corona Epidemic Case?

There are two criteria: I can employ an employee for 1/3 days less due to the precautions of Covid-19, or I cannot employ at all. As an example: A waiter in a restaurant which also has takeaway service, can not be employed at all because of the precautions, also, there is no need anymore for the cooks to work full time because of the same reasons. However, takeaway personnel can continue to work. In this example, Short Time Work Allowance applications can be made for cooks and waiters.

Amount of Allowance?

12-month gross wages of the employee will be collected and divided into 12, and the average will be taken. Thus, a monthly value will be reached. This value will be divided by 30 to reach the daily value. The Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family will pay 60% of this amount (for every day that cannot be worked).

The criterion we need to pay attention is that if the salary of an employee exceeds 150% of the minimum wage, the amount above this amount will be excluded in the calculation. If we calculate roughly, when an allowance is received for an employee with a salary higher than +/- 7.350TL (let’s say the gross salary of this personnel is 8,000 TL), the allowance still will be calculated as if it was 7.350 TL, which is +/- 145TL / day.

Evaluation of The Application

Under normal circumstances, the labor inspector comes for on-site inspection, but in the current situation, such an implementation will not take place. The inspection will be made through the system. İmportant: The application should be done carefully and should contain the necessary pieces of evidence and documents completely. Because on-site inspection will not be carried out, the inspection will be carried out entirely on documents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We wish you healthy days.