For how long time can I postpone my taxes under the Economic Stability Shield Package?

Many employees and employers are going through a difficult period due to the coronavirus epidemic measures. On the other hand, work on the Economic Stability Shield Package which has been announced by President R.Tayyip Erdoğan on March 18, 2020, is ongoing.

We have announced to you that Short Term Work Allowance applications have started, here. In addition, postponement decisions on VAT, Concise-Stoppage and SSI declarations and payments seem to allow employers to take some breath.

While there was no change on the side of SSI and Concise-Stoppage, VAT Declaration and Payment dates were postponed from 26 March to 24 April for the February Term.

While many declarations of March-April-May Terms has been delayed to 27.07.2020, the payment period of some declarations has been extended by 6 months.

We know it looks a little confusing. We want to do our part in this period that everyone should watch each other and be in solidarity. To save you from the complexity of a lot of information, we have compiled tax return/payment periods and prepared our infrastructure. You can contact us without hesitation and request information from here :)

We wish you healthy days as Tubleks Family.